I've often heard children say, "There's nothing to do today". I beg to differ. I'd like to inspire you to do something. Anything. Read. Bake. Hike. Fish. Plant. Sail. Climb. Play. Reach. Move. Laugh. Dream; and take time to sit with me on The Old Granite Step.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This morning's Christmas Sugar Cookies.

 These are the cookies before being decorated....

And this is what they looked like after my husband put his artistic touch on them!  Although he may have been a bit over enthusiastic with the sugar, I think they're very seasonal.  I especially like the star with the blue sugar and the small yellow star in the middle!  It's a rainy morning this morning and it seemed like a nice thing to do while having our coffee.  The dough was mixed and set in the fridge overnight.  I encourage all of you to share a baking moment with someone in your family.  Click here if you'd like my mother's recipe for Sugar Cookies.

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