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Monday, December 28, 2015

A handmade Christmas dinner favor....make them for any event!

There were 13 of us for Christmas dinner this year!  I wanted to create a keepsake that all of the travelers could take when they departed for home after dinner.  This is a simple, yet creative remembrance of our time together.
My husband cut pieces of wood approximately 1/2 inch thick.
Then holes were drilled for the ribbon ties.
 Using acrylic paint, I painted a small evergreen on each disc.

 I let them dry for several hours before adding the ribbon.
A nice token for next year's tree.  It's OK that some of the discs split at the edges.  It gave them character and assured that they were hand made.
 Each place setting received an ornament as well as a Christmas cracker.
Every guest received one.  If you create your own for New Year's Eve dinner, make sure you sign the back and date it.  Be sure to make one for yourself!

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