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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Catalog gifts for the bird watcher in your life.

I love to watch the birds!  If you know someone who enjoys the same past time and might like a gift to encourage the hobby, here are a few suggestions.

It's important to keep fresh water out for the birds in the winter.  If you live in a climate where lakes and ponds are frozen, this is a great way to make sure they are hydrated.  This solar heater is free from electricity and may be just what you need.  You can find additional information at here.
See the birds up close while entertaining your kitty at the same time!  A one-way mirror allows the cat to say hidden from the bird.  Another favorite from Plow and Hearth.
If you have a plug close to your feeding station, this may be what you need.  Gardeners Supply offers this 75 watt birdbath.
Some of our goldfinches stay all winter long!  We always have "socks" hanging at our feeding station.  The other small birds such as chickadees enjoy the socks as well.  Click here for more information.
A pair of binoculars helps see the birds up close from the comfort of your cozy chair indoors or while you're in the field bird watching!  Get more information on these from National Geographic here.
What a pretty and unusual nest for your feathered friends!  Jackson & Perkins offers these.  Find more information here.
These lovely glass bird ornaments can clip on to your tree or any other location you choose.  Makes a nice gift for those that can't get outside easily.  From the Vermont Country Store.
This hand-painted bird bath from Breck's Gifts is a wonderful addition to your garden!  For warmer weather use only, it is a work of art.  Find more information here.
The birds will love this winter treat!  Breck's offers gifts inspired by nature.  Find ordering information here.
Handcrafted in Vermont, Danforth offers these whimsical bird ornaments for the bird watcher in your life.  Hang them on your tree or decorate a package!  Find more information here.
These metal frames specifically designed to offer fruit and seed for the birds would be a fabulous gift!  Offered by Wind & Weather, find more information here.

And for the bird watcher who is vigilant about keeping seed at the feeding station, this gorgeous scarf would be much appreciated!  Offered by Eddie Bauer, it's perfect for the cold weather bird lover.

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