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Monday, June 1, 2020

Tiny flowers.

Every spring we are

graced with the presence of violets.  We appreciate the glorious shades of white and purple; delighting us with their greeting.  They are an early harbinger of spring and warm days to come.  These were lucky enough to experience light snow on the petals!
Have you ever really looked closely?  The veins that run from the yellow and fuzzy center to the edge of the petal are numerous.  A fairy road map!
This petite nosegay is reminiscent of Victorian times.....picture in your mind the woman at the seashore waiting for her beau to arrive on the ferry.  She's in a long skirt with boots, hair tied loosely in the breeze and this tiny bouquet pinned to her lapel.
 At our house, we mow around them and dig them up in order to save them from the dreaded tractor!
 What a fabulous way to display these tiny beauties.  This color is sublime!
 The Violet
by Jane Taylor
Down in a green and shady bed,
A modest violet grew,
Its stalk was bent, it hung its head,
As if to hide from view.

And yet it was a lovely flower,
Its colours bright and fair;
It might have graced a rosy bower,
Instead of hiding there,

Yet there it was content to bloom,
In modest tints arrayed;
And there diffused its sweet perfume,
Within the silent shade.

Then let me to the valley go,
This pretty flower to see;
That I may also learn to grow
In sweet humility.

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