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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More abandoned houses.

You know that for some unexplained reason, I am drawn to abandoned houses.  I wonder....did children live here?  Where did they put the Christmas tree?  Did they have a cat?  A dog?  A garden?  May these images invoke the same sort of questions for you.

The Northeast landscape is dotted with abandoned homes.  This one is rumored to be haunted!
A lovely setting not far from the water, this property has been for sale off and on over the last several years.  Recently taken off the market, I wonder....has it sold to someone who will lovingly care for it?
Far away from the ocean and void of children, this old farmhouse is now home to a herd of grazing cows.
What a fabulous barn!
I posted about this several months ago.  For sale when I drove by; did one of you purchase it?
Adorned with curtains and all, this looks like someone may be trying to salvage it as the roof has been repaird.
It sits on the property with this small barn who's roof isn't as lucky.
This house looks like it may have fallen prey to the highway's proximity to the property.  I'm guessing that when the house was built, the road was not two lanes.
This fabulous barn is located not far from the house.  Sadly charming with the gorgeous fall foliage behind it.
Someone is mowing this lawn!  This home has apparently been empty for a very long time although there are still electrical lines attached. 
It's such a shame to see places like this fall into such disrepair.

Creative detail was part of this home.

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