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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

House for Sale - Once home to Barbara Cooney.

Update 5/17/16 - Has Barbara Cooney's house finally sold?  Here's the new listing marked pending.
Barbara Cooney
Barbara Cooney's home in Damariscotta, Maine is for sale.  It's a lovely home situated within walking distance to town.  Sure, the kitchen looks as though it needs a little updating, but it's Barbara Cooney's house!  I can just see her standing at the kitchen sink. Can you imagine the peaceful quality the house must hold?  The creative air about it?  This is truly a case where you'd like to believe the walls could talk!   
Lupines on the coast of Maine.  You can see how their beauty would inspire a book.

Barbara Cooney was one of my favorite children's authors.  We read her books to the boys over and over again.  Miss Rumphius was a favorite and we planted lupines in the garden many times because of that wonderful book.  When my son was in first grade, the teacher read the book to class but pronounced the name of the famous flower "loo-pine".  He quickly corrected her and said "no, it's lu-pin."  I'm not sure the teacher appreciated his enthusiasm for the book!  Every June when we drove to Maine we watched for the lupines along the highway and said "Look, Miss Rumphius was here!"  It is a wonderful book and it won the National Book Award in 1983.

During her career, she illustrated over one-hundred books.  In 1959 she was awarded the Caldecott medal for Chanticleer and the Fox which was adapted from Chaucer's The Nun's Priest's Tale.  Many years later she received another Caldecott medal for Ox-Cart Man.
Barbara Cooney's home. 

A lovely porch overlooking an even lovelier yard.

What a beautiful room!  I would make this my dining room and I would fill the built-in with all of my collectibles.

Can't you just picture here standing at the kitchen sink gazing out the window?

Look closely at this photo.  Pencils, pens and paint brushes quietly speak of the work that happened here.

Did she enjoy her tea on the porch?
This is your chance to own a piece of literary history.  Are you an artist yourself?  Perhaps you'd find the peace and quiet here that Barbara Cooney found.  Thinking of retiring to Maine?  Look no further.  For information on this property contact the Drum and Drum Real Estate office.

Update 9/5/14 - According to www.realtor.com, this home is still available for sale!

Update 10/15/14 - Zillow says the property is Sale Pending.

Update 5/31/15 - Drove by the house this morning and sign still says "Sale Pending". 


I have no stake in the property for sale.  I did not know Barbara Cooney and I have no relationship to Drum and Drum.  I simply want to share this information in case you're the next artistic soul meant to dwell in this fabulous home.

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