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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Charleston Part II - Wrought iron and hidden gardens.

I didn't know what to

expect when visiting Charleston. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were there, but we made the best of it and walked around the city; umbrella in hand!
It was February, but the greenery was evident.  I particularly loved driveways like this, leading to homes on back lots. 
 The wrought iron is everywhere!  
 A beautiful piece of artwork.
Quaint is the best way to describe all of these alley ways.  Notice the fairy lights at the end of the walkway.  A wonderful little oasis.
What struck me here is the use of brick, cobblestone and field stone.  Not to mention the fabulous iron gate!
 A fanciful entrance.
 A garden house....I love it!  What a great use of space.
 Although we're specifically looking at iron and gardens, I love the chimneys on this home.
 The Jolly Rodger struck me funny in such a manicured garden.

 A little Parisian perhaps?
 Precise trimming.
 Would love to sit here with a cup of tea.

 This garden surely embraced the rain.
 A simple boot scraper.
 A little Spanish influence perhaps?
 Not necessarily a garden as we may intend, but green none the less.

 You need to consider Charleston's history to understand this wall....
 ......or this fence.
Simple but elegant.  Charleston is an eclectic mix of styles.  

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