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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pressing cider on Christmas Day.

When we made our cider last year, it was the day before Thanksgiving.  A snowstorm blew in from the west and while everything was covered with a beautiful blanket of white, it was a bit chilly in the barn!  This year however, was very different.

The temperature was in the sixties.  All of our Christmas guests moved to the outdoors and the lawn furniture that hadn't been put away was brought over to the press.
Inside the barn was a different story after all, it was Christmas Day!
It didn't take long at all for the cider to begin streaming out.
All of our apples came from our own trees this year.  We picked them over a month ago and have kept them in the barn where it's cooler.  They were a bit damaged from our August hail storm, but tasty just the same.
Once the cider is pressed, we'll give the mash to a friend with goats. 

The cider runs faster now.
Although it runs through a mesh "screen", the first jar is checked for impurities.
Look delicious!
The Christmas wreath on the barn is indicative of the day, but the weather is much more spring like! Great company and good conversation around the press.
My sister brought this fabulous chocolate cake all decked out in a seasonal theme; a terrific partner to a cold glass of cider.
Just one more glass....
It was a wonderful way to spend the holiday with family.

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