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Saturday, December 5, 2020

Hanging the Christmas greens.

Christmas comes every year.  But each year

our decorations are a bit different.  And I have to admit that this year, I had a difficult time getting in the right mindset to decorate.  But once we started, it became a peaceful and wonderful process.  This is the basket on the front door.  It's not grand and overflowing with greens because in the fall, I stuck an old bird's nest in it and a wren has been using it every night since!
It seems as though there are more white lights adorning homes than colored ones.  I'm old school!  I love the large, old fashioned bulbs.  These used to decorate our Christmas tree shop and although they're LED, I do love the way they shine at night.
The sun was setting as we began decorating.  Up close, the old barn has seen better days.  But it draws us in with it's cozy appeal.  This will be the two hundred and tenth Christmas for the house.  The barn is apparently a bit older.
The roping is hung around the window.  Simple white pine roping is what we chose this year.  
Wrens were born in this hanging flower pot this August!  Once the annual died, I replaced it with greens; leaving the wren's nest intact.  They are friendlier than average birds that seem to crave small spaces near the house.  Just as it's getting dark around 4:30, they fly in for the night!
The leftover roping was hung over the barn doors.
A simple decoration.
Candles light each window.  They're battery operated and on a timer for ease of use.
During the process, the sun came out for one last time, illuminating the barn in only a way that the sun could.
As the sun sets, the lights do their job.  They make us smile.

A simple garage door swag.
This was the night before the full moon.  If you look just above the trees, you can see the moon rising.  So serene and special.
The flower boxes are full of greens.  We always cut some off the bottom of our Christmas tree.
Good night little wren.  Sleep tight.

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