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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Old Granite Step looks back at 2015.

2015 brought snow and more snow and more snow!  This female cardinal weathered the first storm in January.

It continued to snow throughout February and gave our old Jeep a run for it's money!
Thankfully for Old Sturbridge Village, the snow was exactly what was needed for the antique sleigh rally.
The Red Bellied Woodpecker was here all winter feeding on our suet as were a number of other birds.
The Blue Bird graced us with his presence in March; a sure fire indication of the coming spring.
March also brought us new growth in the garden!
The maple syrup was still running in April.
We began our pumpkin seeds in April.
May brought a visit to the Granite Hall Store in Maine; what a treat!
May also brings throngs of shoppers to Brimfield, Massachusetts!
In early June we saw the return of our much loved Hummingbirds.  They entertained us all summer long and departed in September.
The gardens began to flourish in June. 
Picnics and parades filled the month of July.
July also brought us more raspberries than we could use!  I still have some in the freezer.
August began with a record breaking hail storm.
It took several days for all of the hail to melt despite temperatures in the 80's.
We also experienced many lazy, wonderful summer days in Maine during August.
Late blooming roses decorated the garden in September.
The fall foliage is always welcome but it was unusually beautiful this year and lasted a bit longer than usual.
The garden was lovely and colorful until the first frost in October.
October brought some very creative jack o' lanterns!
We shared a wondrous Thanksgiving meal with our family in November.
I am always thankful when we can sit down and share a meal together.
 November was for knitting something special for a friends first grandchild.
December brought home made Christmas decorations....
.....and wrapping and knitting; lots of knitting!
And of course December brought colorful cookies!
And in December, a peaceful and meaningful Christmas Day was shared pressing cider with family.  

Happy New Year from The Old Granite Step!

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