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Sunday, December 13, 2015

A pair of old spoons and some new curtains.

When rummaging through a big old barn full of dusty antiques in Vermont, we stumbled across this idea for the kitchen and loved it!

All it takes is two large spoons and a bit of elbow grease!  For fifty cents a piece these spoons were exactly what we needed.  The spoon on the right has been polished.
Buy a dowel after measuring the length that you need for the window.  Bend the spoons around the dowel.
After judging the necessary height for the rod, attach the spoons with one screw in the center of the spoon.
I made my own curtains but you can use a pair of store bought if you prefer.  I like to use the rings because you can space them according to where you'd like them.  This would work for a rod pocket drape as well.
It was exactly what we needed for this large window.  Not only are the drapes lined so I can close them on chilly nights, but the added color in the kitchen is terrific!
Love it!

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