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Monday, January 25, 2016

House Beautiful 1990 - Things have certainly changed in the last 26 years!

1990 offered us large floral prints and ruffles among other things.  1990 was only the beginning....

It's hard to remember back to the early 90's when for most of us, the internet didn't exist.  The Heirlooms collection is no longer an option on the Drexel Heritage website.  The photo on their home page is actually quite contemporary. 
Smith & Hawken was always a favorite of mine.  We had a local store that I would pop into while the kids were at dance lessons.  The door pulls on the front door were charming replicas of garden tools!  In 2010, Target acquired the Smith & Hawken brand.  It's nice to see the name but like so many other things, it's just not the same.
I have always loved Laura Ashley.  As a matter of fact, I have drapes in my guest room that are Laura Ashley from the late 80's.  Sometimes though, too much floral patterning and too many ruffles overtake a room.
Century Furniture has certainly kept up with the times.  With a very up-to-date and chic website, they still offer many different chairs!
Interestingly enough, I think this cozy little nook would fit right in to one of today's home decorating magazines.
 As would this delightful potting shed located in the greenhouse!
On the other hand, the Property Brothers would surely rip out this tile and replace it with something more neutral; right after they painted the mantel.  I can't say I would blame them.  The matching wallpaper border would have to go too.
 Quaint and cozy but just a bit outdated.....
 Look; no internet!
 This colorful and eclectic room from 1990 would look lovely in any home today.
 While clean and modern in 1990, this kitchen is a bit too sterile for my taste. 
While we love his use of color, this Kaffe Fassett needlepoint seems to say 1990.  A look at his website shows us that he still uses bold colors and patterns in his designs and we all need a little more color in our lives!
I think we tend to forget how far modern technology has come!  Who would have dreamed of a flat screen television in 1990?
I used to LOVE Spiegel!  I coveted my Spiegel catalog and I spent a lot of money at Spiegel.  It's changed however and I'm guessing that when Lynn Tilton purchased the company, she did away with the old mailing list.  At one point I was a Speigel preferred customer.  Now, I receive nothing at all.  I do however, still have many things I purchased from Spiegel from women's wear, to men's wear, to household goods.  Our bed is from Spiegel!  It was delivered on a very rainy day over 20 years ago and although I've painted it several times, it's the same bed.  Yamazaki tableware is still available.
Now you can purchase a CAD program for this.  Times have changed indeed.

House Beautiful is still a wonderful magazine offering fabulous photos and home decorating ideas!

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