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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Order up! Diner for lease.

Diners are a piece of Americana that provide us with good conversation and fast food in an atmosphere unlike any other.


1.  a person who dines.
2.  a railroad dining car.
3.  a restaurant built like such a car.
4.  a small, informal, and usually inexpensive restaurant.
Diners originated in the Northeast.  The first diner is said to be a horse drawn cart in Providence, Rhode Island.  In 1872 patron's could walk up to the "window" and order their food.  This diner in Northampton, Massachusetts is hopeful for customers once again.
In 1887, commercial production of these unique dining cars began in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The Miss Worcester Diner is still in operation across the street from where these interesting dining establishments were produced by the Worcester Lunch Company.
Just imagine the smell of bacon and eggs when you walk through the door; the background noise of polite chatter accompanying it.
The blackboard awaits some new daily specials.
Have you dreamed about your own diner?  This lease could be for you!
Located in a fairly busy section of Northampton's business district, former customers only hope it will reopen soon as the diner has been closed for a while.
Is that a stained glass window over the door?
Are you hungry yet?

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