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Saturday, January 23, 2016

A repurposed door on the kitchen closet.

Renovating an old house is always a challenge.  A sliding door in the kitchen was the answer we were looking for.

The second house that we purchased was perched high above a river in Maryland.  It was the place that we brought our children home to.  So many special memories there.  Sadly, the house was demolished but fortunately for us, the new owners knew what it meant to us and asked if there was anything we'd like to take before demolition.  We were living in Connecticut at the time, so my husband drove down and back in a day to retrieve several doors, light fixtures and our wood stove, which had hardly been used after we moved.  That stove will be another story for another time. 

You can see in the photo, that this door had beautiful hardware.  A bit of polish and the brass shines again!  A little soap and water made the knob sparkle.
Our local hardware store carries the hardware.  The track was purchased by the foot and we were able to cut it to size.  The hangers were very easy to attach.
Wanting to take advantage of every square inch of space, we left the high portion of the pantry intact and made a special door to fit over the smaller space.  The color is our outdoor trim color; Drizzle by Sherwin Williams.
We tossed around lots of ideas for a stencil on the door and finally settled on "niche".  That's exactly what the space is.
Stenciling isn't difficult but it can be tricky.  I purchased these at the local arts and crafts store.  Very inexpensive.
Pop out the letters you'd like to use and line them up using a ruler.  Tape the pieces together.
I attached it to the door using painters tape which was easily removed once finished.

Using a brush made for stenciling (I simply cut the tip off of a brush), gently "tap" the paint onto the letters.
I love the way it looks.  Simple.
The door hides everything in the closet.
I thought about painting the door, but when I asked several guests, the consensus was to leave it distressed.  I'm glad I did.

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