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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The first flower catalog of 2016.

We're deep into January with a blizzard looming on the East Coast.  What's nicer than some sunny garden thoughts?
I love Schreiner's!  I have ordered from them and can say that the iris I received are absolutely stunning in the garden.
Here's one example of a gorgeous bloom.
 Can't you just imagine walking through a garden like this on a warm summer day?
 There are so many to choose from!
 I love the ruffle!  So delicate.
 Use the dwarf iris as a border or to call attention to a focal point.
 You'll be amazed at the colors that are offered.
 They are very easy to grow.  Here's a previous post I wrote on the beauty of the iris in the garden.
 The purples and the blues are my favorites.
Go on-line or call for your catalog.  Start dreaming about your garden now!

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