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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A pleasant day in Concord, Massachusetts.

Concord is a place of beauty and history.  It's a

wonderful place to spend the day shopping and eating.  On a warm January day, we began our trek at Helen's.  A great spot for lively conversation, Helen's is accommodating to people who like to linger over lunch!
 Seasonal displays remind us that it's still Winter!

 A quaint display of antiques beckons to us to come inside and browse.
 Charming architecture abounds in Concord.
The Community Preservation Act helps localities with preservation, recreation, open space and affordable housing.  If your town doesn't participate, it's worth contacting them for more information.
 I'm not sure if it was the pine cones, glass or old granite steps that drew me to this door!
 What lovely trim on a beautiful stone building.
 What an unusual building.  Unlike it's neighbor, it's painted stone.
 Even if you're not a history buff, you'll enjoy the signs of antiquity in Concord.
 I love this display at one of our favorite shops; Nesting.
 Decorative iron pieces keep the flower boxes from falling.
 A simple but elegant window for an engaging shop.
 Local booksellers are to be commended and enjoyed!
 A nice wintery display.
A game of domino's for Valentine's Day perhaps?
 A simple but very inviting display. 
 There is a very vibrant artistic community here.
 Sometimes we see pine trees adorn shutters; but in Concord it's Minutemen!
 Not far from Main Street is a lovely wooded setting.
 A tranquil and quiet spot under the tree.
 There are some very old and historical headstones here.
 A steeple reaching for the sky.
 The Colonial Inn is said to be haunted.  How wonderful!

Concord is lucky to have a Winston Flowers.  Warm and colorful inside; they had lilacs!
 Spectacular jewels can be found here.
 Although it was nearly 50 degrees on this day, the colorful knit hats looked so cozy.
  A nice treat that's colorful and inexpensive.  Give your house a lift on a dreary day!

The nearby tree is reflected in the pastel colors of the stained glass.

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