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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vermont Ski Area For Sale

Located in beautiful southern Vermont, Maple Valley Ski Area has
been for sale for many years.  Is a ski area in your future?

Dummerston, Vermont isn't far from I-91.  Just several miles north of bustling Brattleboro, it's fairly easy to get to from almost any direction.  I remember driving past Maple Valley many times in the past.  There were always people there; it was known as a fun, convenient and local ski area.
Unfortunately, Maple Valley has been empty for more than a few years.  From a distance, the lodge looks like it could easily be renovated.  Up close, the wear and tear on the building is more evident.
 As the map shows, it was a nice little ski area; perfect for a family outing. 
 The old chairlifts sway in the breeze like swings on an empty playground.
 The ski area is comprised of 300 plus acres.
 Often times the lifts are sold, but not in this case.
Obviously ski areas are driven by the weather.  I wonder though, if the local communities should band together to purchase Maple Valley and run it in a similar fashion to that of Camden Snow Bowl in Camden, Maine.  The Snow Bowl is owned by the town of Camden.  It's close proximity to the ocean allows for a lot of cold rain in Camden, but somehow, they make it work.
 Several outbuildings are included in the sale as well as the main base lodge.
If you'd like more information about Maple Valley Ski Area, click here

Update - The ski area has been sold!  Although we all hope the ski area will re-open one day, it looks as though it may become a brewery in the meantime.

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