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Monday, December 2, 2019

We found this in the basement of our 1810 house when we replaced the furnace.

The old furnace just couldn't go on any longer.  It chugged away for the most part but with a hiccup every now and then.  It was larger than the new one and there was a piece of sheet metal behind it that covered
a huge fireplace!  I will say that the basement of this house is beautiful.  But I can't figure out why there would have been such a large fireplace down there.  Was it used for cooking?  Was the basement built first and they lived there before adding the actual first floor of the house?  It's perplexing.
The piece of granite used on this particular fireplace is very large.  There were several operating quarries in this area when the house was built but why put it in the basement especially when the fireplace directly above it in the family room isn't this nice?
So now we're tasked with cleaning all of the rubble out of it.  It can't be used but it can be clean and it certainly makes a great conversation starter!  

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