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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Start your paper whites now for some greenery mid winter.

I love some fresh

greenery in the house this time of year.  The temperature is in the single digits today but the warmth of new growth is spread throughout our home.
I started my narcissus bulbs a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  They bloom according to the temperature of the room they're in.  At this point, they're in different stages of growth and bloom.
This one is in full bloom and smells wonderful - reminiscent of a summer garden.
 I love this unique container.  Although it fits only one bulb, it's tall and makes a statement.
The morning shadows cross the Christmas mantel and highlight the paper whites.  Plant yours now and during the colder month of January, they'll begin to bloom.  They are especially comforting when it's snowing outside!

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