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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Harvesting this year's Christmas tree.

 With a relatively

 early season snowfall, the landscape was perfect for Christmas photos.
Snow flurries were hidden in those grey clouds.
While we didn't choose the smallest tree, it paled in comparison to it's tall neighbors.  We loved the shape and the size.
We stumbled across this Christmas tree farm and had never been to one quite like it.  They handed out pink ribbons to customers and when you found the tree you liked, you simple attached the ribbon.  Then....
....the tractor pulled up!  We're used to cutting down and hauling out our own tree.  They did everything for us.
While they used a chain saw and not a bow saw, it was still the perfect setting.
This is my favorite picture of the process!
Delivered right to our car!

Personally, I prefer to see trees like this on top of cars.  No wasteful plastic wrapped around the tree!
Beautiful!  Decorated with all non-breakable ornaments this year because of the kittens.  Tied to the wall too!  Support a local tree farm this year.

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