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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Abandoned and for sale in a coastal Connecticut town.

Located in the

bustling town of Old Saybrook, this fantastic property has been abandoned for years. According to town records, the house that you see here was built in 1900.  
The real estate listing says that there are 124 acres included.  If it were mine, I'd take the house back to it's probable original size; removing the back section that needs to be demolished anyways.  It sits just a couple of miles north of town and may have that water view you've been looking for. 
What strikes me about this photo is not the maintenance starved roof but the lack of rot on the front of the house.  Of course we expect broken glass after so many years of neglect but where are the starlings?  I suppose they don't need to make holes when they can simply enter through the rotted roof or broken windows.  The attic window is superb.
 This needs to come off.  Perhaps in the next heavy snow it will.
 If you have deep pockets and are interested in seeing the property, call Mary.
Initially I thought that the "tower" wasn't original to the house, but honestly, I'm not so sure.  There's got to be a view of Long Island Sound from up there.
While it's probably being marketed to developers, let's imagine that it's ultimately donated to a wonderful non-profit....maybe a land trust so we can all enjoy it?
The house has a piece of odd history attached to it.....it was used in the 70's horror film "Let's Scare Jessica to Death".  
Interested?  Here's the listing.  Remember to respect the "No Trespassing" signs and call the agent first!

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