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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Building our own quaint kitchen island.

Our new kitchen seemed to be

lacking something.  It's a cozy space and with new cabinets and appliances it offered every modern convenience.  After a few months we began to feel as though there was quite a bit of wasted floor space.  While tag-saling one Saturday morning, we fell in love with the bottom half of a table that was missing it's top.  A mere twenty dollars later, it was in the back of the truck.  This table had been stained a very dark color years before.  It simply didn't match anything we had in the house (although I ask....who said things need to match?) so it stayed in the garage until we found another similar piece at a consignment shop.  We decided that since the price was right and the legs from both pieces matched up perfectly, that this would become our new kitchen island.
Each piece had it's own whimsical and decorative features.  After attaching the two pieces together, we attached 1 x 3 pine boards all around the top so that we could set a section of butcher block on it.  The entire thing was lightly sanded and primed.
Sanding and priming ensures that the new coat of paint will stick!
Primed and dry, the island is ready for paint.
The kitchen cabinets are a very light sage color.  We chose a contrasting blue with a glossy finish.
The chips, scratches and dents just add to the character of this unique piece.
We love it.  After considering whether or not to put a "shelf" on it, we decided it would hide some of the decorative detail on the center of the piece and chose not to.
Since one of our favorite past times is perusing antique and junk shops, we decided to look for two stools that would allow us to sit and have coffee at the island! 
We found two stools that don't match; one clearly older than the other.  Perhaps some day we'll paint or even replace them, but for now we like the look.
The butcher block was left over from a previous project and it was nice to get it out of the garage!
Are we cutting edge?  Of course!  While flipping through a magazine we picked up last week, look what we found!  The granite top isn't our style, but it may be yours.  Be creative and put your own unpredictable spin on your next project!

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