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Saturday, January 19, 2019

The paperwhites are blooming! It's an early indoor Spring.

I usually pick

up my paperwhite bulbs in late October or November.  I've been getting them at the same garden center for years and they only cost a dollar a bulb so I grab a dozen.  As the sun begins to rise, you can see several paperwhite containers among the other plants on my windowsill.
I'm always on the lookout for jars or vases that are conducive to growing small bulbs.  Although I have many specific bulb vases as I previously posted, paperwhites get tall fast and need a taller vessel with support.
Any small stone in the bottom of the container will do.  I put several inches of clean stone in the jar, then set the bulb on top and add a few more stones to help it stand upright.  Add water to the base of the bulb.  As the flower grows, you'll have to keep an eye on the water level.
The house came with hundreds of old ball jars in the basement.  This seemed like an appropriate use for a couple of them.
I picked this lovely vase up at a local consignment shop.  It's perfect because it's so tall and I was able to fit multiple bulbs in it.
This one found a home in the dining room near an amaryllis, a poinsettia and a large decorative container of seashells.

This one found it's home in the living room.  The blue walls as a backdrop are ideal.  A tip....use a hurricane lamp over your paperwhites.  It will hold the flower up as it grows and it looks pretty too.
 Paperwhites are a mass of small white flowers; each one opening in it's own due time.
 Complementing each other.

 Another early morning and the mermaid seems to be grasping the paperwhite bouquet.
 A useful item for when the flower is tall...
a skewer!   I've collected a drawer full of old metal skewers.  I simply insert one into the bottom of the base and tie the paperwhite to it with a small length of jute.
 This corner of the room makes me smile.
Once my paperwhite narcissus have bloomed indoors, I let the stalks dry, cut them off and plant them outdoors in the spring garden for next year.
You can start your paperwhites anytime you'd like.  The warmer your house, the faster they grow.  I like to start them in December so that they're blooming in January.
 Up close and personal.  Stunning.
This is where I'll have my tea this afternoon.

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