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Sunday, January 20, 2019

A Mid-Winter Day Trip to Cape Cod.

With an impending

storm consisting of snow, ice and rain, we took advantage of a forty degree day and went to Cape Cod for lunch.  Projects around the old house beckoned, but so did the mild day!
We chose The Brewster Fish House for lunch and weren't disappointed.  The lobster bisque was delicious as was the Ciopinno; a bounty of seafood.  The atmosphere was cozy and comfortable.
Our home is graced with an elegant ceramic fish from Grainger Pottery that we purchased several years ago.  If you can't make it in person, they'll ship to your home.  Any one of their fabulous creations is a wonderful addition to your decor.
A walk on the beach was at the top of our list for the day.  

Remnants of ice littered the edge of the shore.

Hmmm.....we don't usually find golf balls on the beach!  Perhaps someone is practicing off of their front porch.

Looking back at the dunes.
Nature's artwork.  Subtly different everyday. 

One storm in front of us and one on the doorstep.

The lone seagull stands lookout.
A skate egg, sometimes referred to as a Mermaid's purse.
Wonderful old cemeteries dot the landscape and are now home to early settlers of Cape Cod.

Perched on the shore, this lonesome abode calls to us.
We could have spent the entire day browsing antique shops!
A traditional Cape Cod home.
Notice the ceramic scallop shell on the door.
Awaiting Springtime.....
Tobey Farm will re-open in May.  You can only imagine a lot full of colorful annuals and perennials.

Craving something sweet, we stopped at Happy Fish Bakery.  Two cups of coffee and a bag full of cookies later, we weren't disappointed!  We highly recommend a visit.  There is a charming area where you can sit and enjoy your purchases.

Did someone say book sale?  Of course we stopped at The Sturgis Library!
We found several family members in this register.
Claire Murray's world is colorful and enchanting.  Several of her delightful rugs adorn our home.

Many years ago, I purchased a birdhouse from Claire Murray.  It's been on display in our home ever since.
During one renovation, it sat upon our refrigerator.  So did our kitty, Bristol.
On our way back to the bridge, we happened up on the Sandwich Plankwalk.  Phenomenal.

Spectacular views.

We were anticipating at least two days indoors due to the forecast storm.  This quick trip was well worth the drive.

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