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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Celebrating garlic!

sight to behold!  We had never been before and were pleasantly surprised.  This oversized farmer's market offered arts and crafts as well as local foods and vegetables.  
Although it wasn't a windy day, we can only imagine what these delightful wind chimes sound like on a breezy day.
We purchased two of these bowls.  Handcrafted at a local arts center.  Sales of these bowls funded a local community meal program.
There was music all day allowing people to express themselves in dance!

Environmentally friendly booths were plentiful.
Not only garlic was celebrated but all kinds of local fruits and veggies were on display.
As a matter of fact, the entire festival was very colorful.

It's a great place to shop for holiday gifts. 
Whimsical holiday gifts!
This live display of honey bees was mesmerizing to watch.

Admittedly, one of our favorite booths.

Lots of fiber arts!

I'm partial to the elegant dragonfly.

Remember the good old Hula Hoop?

The festival is held on a farm.  We love that door handle!
How we dispose of our waste is so important!
Volunteers with a sense of humor.

A creative food booth display.
Did they take this apart after the festival was over?

A very popular event for vendors and festival attendees alike.

This says it all....buy local!

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  1. Looks like a fun time--thanks for sharing the photos!