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Monday, October 10, 2016

Blue Sky at Owls Head Light in Maine

Owls Head Light is a wonderful place to

visit when you're in Maine's mid coast area.  Not far from Rockland, this sentinel was first lit in 1826. 
A keeper's house was built next to the lighthouse, but it no longer serves as a Coast Guard residence.
 Many boats come and go from nearby Rockland harbor.
 This is the quintessential Maine shoreline.

 A gorgeous and somewhat windy day was perfect for sailing.
 Some say the light keeper's house is haunted.

 Camden hills in the background.

 The light underwent a renovation not too long ago; thus the bright white paint.
 The former residence is now home to a small museum.

 Certainly a well loved and revered pet!
 Visit the nearby Owls Head Transportation Museum while you're in the area.
 Recreation abounds.

 There are picnic tables in this area; a great spot for lunch!
Lighthouses are such an important part of our American history.  Stand proud Owls Head Light!

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