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Thursday, October 20, 2016

A glass menagerie of pumpkins.

The windowsill in the kitchen begins to light up as the sun

starts to rise in the east.  This is my favorite time of year; perhaps because I am lucky to have an October birthday.  We started to pick up these gorgeous works of art on a Martha's Vineyard vacation several years ago. 
While I am drawn to the green and purple shades, the various shapes of these hand blown treasures are captivating.
This is one of my favorite shades.  It's from Terrapin Glass Blowing Studio in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.
Our first purchase.  Traditional and enchanting.  Purchased at Martha's Vineyard Glassworks.
Grouped together they are wonderful; especially with the changing foliage in the background.
  The smaller pumpkin is a treasured gift from my son.
 This is our most recent purchase from Little River HotGlass in Stowe, Vermont.
 Another favorite due to it's unusual contour.
 With each passing minute of the sun's rising, the colors continuously change.

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