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Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's time to bring the amaryllis indoors.

When the pumpkin is set down

next to the amaryllis that's been outdoors all summer, it's time to bring the amaryllis in.  I have pretty good luck getting these to bloom again year after year but it amazes me how many people throw them out after they bloom!
Here in the northeast, pumpkins usually mean that frost is right around the corner.  Bring your amaryllis pots in and carefully trim all of the leaves off. 
 Toss the leaves in your compost pile.
 Remove all of the dead leaves too.
Set them in a cool, dry,dark place for the next six weeks or so.  I put them in my basement but any dark and dry place should do.  Don't water them!  At the end of November/beginning of December bring them out into the light.  At this point, start to water them again.  They like a nice sunny window.
In several weeks you should have beautiful blooms once again!  Be patient.  I keep mine in the window until spring (after the last frost).  Then I set them outdoors and start all over again.  If you don't plan on keeping your bulb after it blooms, share it with someone else who would like to try.  It's a shame that they end up in the landfill.  Good luck!

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