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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Making apple cider on a snowy afternoon!

Several months ago, when the leaves were rustling on the trees and the breeze was still warm, we bought a cider press.  It was something we had talked about purchasing for a while so when the opportunity arose, we did it. 

We had dreams of wonderful fall afternoons pressing cider in the barn to give away to all of our friends and family.  Empty plastic gallon water containers were piling high next to the press; we were sure we'd be giving it away by the gallon.  But alas, September, October and November came and went and the press was never used.  The gallon jugs remained empty.

The bushel of apples that we picked up at a wonderful local farm were beginning to disappear!  The bunny?  Skunk?  Groundhog?  We quickly moved them onto the porch and away from their prey.  Suddenly, Thanksgiving was upon us and there the apples still sat.  The press looked sad as if to say "Please just try me out!" 

We had twelve people coming for Thanksgiving dinner and that's what we were focused on.  Then came the snow!  And more snow and more snow.  Our guests were going to have a long ride in the morning.  It was snowing hard and the roads were terrible.  Thankfully, we had everything we needed for dinner and a little spare time to boot.  A trip to the barn revealed the perfect activity for such a snowy afternoon....the cider press!
We entered the barn with excitement; we were grateful to have finally found time to use the press.  The fact that it was snowing outside was an added bonus.
We quartered the apples for pressing.

All parts were washed and we were ready to begin.

The handle was slowly turned.
More apples were added.
The apples were easily ground up and the "mash" fell below.

It's time to press the apple mash.
The press is turned.....
....and the cider appears!
And all the while, it was still snowing outside the barn.  It was quiet inside.  Beautiful and serene.
The pumpkins no longer seemed seasonally appropriate.
More apples were added and more cider was made!
The cider ran quickly now.
Waiting and ready.
We did it; we made apple cider!  The deep golden color of the cider explains the delicious taste.
Snow is the consummate natural refrigerant.
The ideal gift for the guests who traveled the snowy roads to get here!

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures! I've always wanted to try to make cider, but instead, I find it at the local markets. Maybe someday! The color of the cider is beautiful...so rich and deep.