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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A review.....Stuffing with cranberries; from a box!

We made our Thanksgiving trek to the supermarket several days ago hoping to avoid the crowds.  Apparently more people are planning outings like this since the store was very busy.  It was overcast and there were snow flurries.  Seasonal without treacherous driving.  I'm sure there will still be the last minute dash made by many but this year, but I won't be one of them.  I'll be home relaxing in front of the fire (right after I clean the house; especially the bathrooms, change and wash the sheets for company, peel the potatoes, make an apple pie, caramel apples, cranberry sauce and hand pressed apple cider.  Oh, and now it looks like we'll be shoveling snow.  How many hours do I have left?)

Seeing fresh chickens at a reasonable price, we chose that for our Sunday dinner.  When looking for stuffing, this box caught my eye.  Honestly, it was the Ocean Spray cranberry logo in the corner that caught my eye.  I had heard of Bell's but had never tried it since it's inception in 1867.  Now that it had cranberries mixed in, it was time.

I grew up in New England, but I had no idea that there was indeed a "Mr. Bell" and that he hailed from Boston.  William G. as a matter of fact.  Mr. Bell is famous for importing top of the line spices from around the globe; thus Bell Seasonings.  I also didn't know they were salt free and 100% natural.  I supposed I need to get to the grocery store more often!

It's a little more like 8 minutes prep, but all is forgiven.

I liked the photo but was cautious about the number of cranberries in the box.

It begins with butter; so far so good.....

I measured out the appropriate amount for our small roast chicken.  It seems as though there are quite a few cranberries.

After adding water to the butter, I poured the dry stuffing mix into the pot.

Gave it a stir according to directions and voila....

.....stuffing that actually smelled pretty good!  After letting it sit covered for five minutes, I fluffed with a fork and stuffed the chicken. 

Over the years, I've heard of people using all kinds of things to grease the bird.  I like good old-fashioned butter.  Personally, I think it makes the gravy taste better.

I had a little left over for another time.  I like to "bake" stuffing.  Approximately 30 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees and it's delicious.
It looked and smelled so good!  And yes, there were more cranberries in the stuffing mix than I expected.

Put on the platter and dinner is ready!  I know people say that you should not cook your stuffing inside the bird.  I've done it this way for 35 years and it always tastes wonderful!  All in all, this stuffing was very good.  There's a recipe on the box that includes apples.  Next time I'll try that one.

If you can't get Bell's stuffing mix in your local grocery store, they do have an order form on-line.  Enjoy!

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