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Friday, November 14, 2014

Todays Consignment Finds

A quick stop at a couple of yard sales and one small antique shop yielded some useful and beautiful finds!

This lovely piece unfolds into a "card" table.  Personally I think it's too pretty to set anything on.  This was my favorite find of the day.
Wonderful to have on the bookshelf; I was surprised someone would discard this.

This one as well; how could you put Longfellow into the "donate" box!

This was in the antique shop tucked away in a dusty corner.  While it may not be a masterpiece, I was drawn to the pretty greens and blues.

We found it odd that these vintage skates appear to have hockey blades on a figure skating boot.  So be it....a little cleaning and they'll look wonderful on the door with greens tucked inside!

These are much smaller vintage children's hockey skates.  I'll add them to a wreath with a nice red bow.

This cute little bench is just the right color and size for the garden.

What did you find today?

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