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Thursday, November 6, 2014



1. a broad-mouthed container, usually cylindrical and of glass or earthenware

In my house, jars are not only utilitarian, they are also decorative.  Jars rarely end up in our recycle bucket as we tend to reuse them for all kinds of things!  Once upon a time, we had bags and bags of baby food jars.  Those days are behind me now and I was appalled recently to find most baby food in disposable plastic containers!  When I started looking around the house, much the way one does when looking for an Easter egg, I realized how many jars held a place of honor in my home.  They're in the kitchen cabinets, on the mantle, in the dining room, the sewing room, on the workbench, the bookshelf, the windowsill.  And of course, there's a very grand jar in the barn.

These items at the church fair simply wouldn't look right in plastic!

The afternoon sun shines in through the marbles in the jar.

Teabags on the counter....a necessity.

I snapped this wonderful image of sunflowers in a jar at a fair in Maine.  They beckoned to the passerby....come to our booth!

Caramels in a jar; soon to be turned into caramel apples!

Vintage Atlas jars keep the moisture out of the bouillon.

Upon opening the barn door one morning, I noticed a lovely old jar that was rather large.  I believe it came with the house, which makes me wonder; how long has that jar been watching over the barn?  I shall leave it there.

The tulips stand at attention in the jar on the mantle.

I tend to collect seashells and a jar seems like the logical place to keep them. 

The candle waits to light the window on a snowy night.

The jar makes a suitable home for a Christmas cactus cast-off.

Candy in a jar?  I have several.

There's something wonderful and inviting about a new batch of jelly in luminous jars.

How else could we present our jams and jelly at the fair; a bowl or plate?  A ziplock bag?  Absolutely not.

Tis the season for home made snow globes!

An antique jar makes a seasonal display special.

A nest and an egg in a jar?  Sublime.

More seashells mean more jars.  These vintage biscuit jars are favorites of mine; both gifts from my mother.

As we renovate this big old rambling farmhouse, we collect things.

Snacks in a jar.

I thought this was a terrific find for my sewing room; a lamp made from a jar and filled with marbles!

You have a button jar too, right?

Pickle jars.

More items for the fair.

While the paper cup certainly serves its purpose, the jar adds beauty to the blooms.

More jars; more seashells.  Or is it the other way around?

Jars over my husbands workbench.  Truly utilitarian.

I walked the beach quite often as a child; my bounty rests on the bookshelf.

This wonderful old Ball jar sheds light on a dreary day.

A square jar and a round jar.  It's the different sizes and shape of jars that fascinates me.

These jars await their fate at the basement door.

Pumpkin seeds in a jar.  What a delightful gift!

Ball released these vintage style jars; part of their American Heritage Collection.

What will these jars hold?

 The ultimate jar.

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