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Thursday, December 4, 2014

A vintage portrait; decorating the Christmas tree in 1965

Having looked everywhere locally this past weekend for replacement bulbs for our Christmas tree, I long for the good old-fashioned bulbs.  LED bulbs aren't the same as far as I'm concerned!  Do children still make paper chains in school?  And of course the tinsel in 1965 was a lead hazard.  Surely there must be a wonderful substitute.  In any event, it is a wonderful memory!

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  1. You could probably find old light sets at garage sales. I know they always used to come with a few replacement bulbs.

    When the old lead tinsel was discontinued, my mother moved to the new plastic (mylar?) tinsel, which was terrible flyaway stuff. I tried without it for most of my adult life, because I can't stand the plastic-y tinsel and that fact that it wouldn't hang straight down. A few years ago I tripped over some vintage lead tinsel at ebay or etsy, from a German seller, and bought a bunch. The tree now looks the way it should and I'm delighted. Of course, it means painstakingly removing the tinsel after Christmas to re-use, but it's a small price to pay!