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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Painting the porch ceiling blue.

Before you begin painting your porch

ceiling, it's smart to remove your porch furniture and lay a tarp down.  I find that even though the prep can take some time, it's well worth the effort.
In order to prime the ceiling, I used a mold-killing primer as the humidity tends to linger on the porch.
According to Sherwin Williams, painting the porch ceiling blue is an old Southern tradition.  According to their website, specific regions are influential as to the color chosen for the ceiling.  I had always heard that the porch ceiling represented the sky but apparently there are other beliefs as well.  Some people believe that a blue porch ceiling repels insects (I'll have to let you know if that works).  Others believe that it keeps the Haints away; restless spirits threatening to take you from your home.  Although my home is 210 years old, there is only good karma here.  I'll go with the bug theory!
This is my favorite blue porch ceiling.  It's located in Vermont.  Of course the spectacular curved shape completes it!
I painted on a low humidity day with a light breeze.  So far, so good!
It was important to me to use an exterior paint.  I chose a semi-gloss finish and I'm happy with it.  The particular blue color is your choice.
I love the result!  So long Haints and bugs.

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  1. It looks beautiful! I love the green, as well!