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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Historic Connecticut Inn for sale; the district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

This wonderful antique dwelling can be

yours!  But is there a catch?
Situated in a busy four corner location, the building hasn't been occupied for quite some time.  Recently saved from demolition, The Old Granite Step thinks it is well worth the effort to save the historic landmark.  The inn is currently listed on realtor.com and is certainly affordable.  After the purchase however, the new owner will need to begin an extensive rehab project.  Historic tax credits may be available and would help offset the cost of renovation.
Only about 10 miles from UCONN, new apartments would be sensible.  Depending on zoning, restoring the property back to an inn may be a possibility.  Perhaps it could be a lovely single family home!  The Windham Historic District is sprinkled with wonderful historic homes.  The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Should the town acquire the property, it may be eligible for grant money that's available to municipalities.
You may wish to contact the Windham Historic District Commission for more information regarding the property.
Apparently, the property is currently bank owned.  This is the sign that is in front of the building now.
The catch?  It's rumored that the property is haunted by a young woman named Elizabeth (Betsy) Shaw.  Unmarried and pregnant in 1744, the baby disappeared after the birth and was found dead.  Betsy was blamed (and may have confessed) and tried by the Superior Court.  She was committed of murder and while no one is certain where her grave is, it is thought that she haunts the Windham Inn property.  It is New England after all; abound with fantastic ghost stories!  

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