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Sunday, June 24, 2018

It's Connecticut's Historic Gardens Day!

Although I'm on

my way outside to tend to my own historic garden, I plan on visiting at least one of Connecticut's Historic Gardens this afternoon.  I am documenting my own garden with photos.  It helps with organization and research.  Following are some of the spectacular blooms thus far.
It takes a lot of manpower to keep a garden from becoming overgrown with weeds.  Although the trumpet vine seen here has taken over my garden due to years of neglect before we purchased the property, trumpet vine is not a weed!  I have my work cut out for me indeed.
This petite mound of chives is growing right outside the kitchen adjacent to the old patio.  Sometimes it's worth letting the garden get a bit out of control in order to see what comes up, especially if you purchase a home after the growing season.
 This was one of our absolute favorite blossoms this spring!
 I especially love the things coming up against the stonewalls on the property.
There are fourteen gardens in Connecticut that are open for your enjoyment today.  Grab your camera, sketchbook or easel and plan on visiting one today.  If you don't live in Connecticut, check your local events calendar for open gardens or house and garden tours!

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