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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Charleston Part III - The colorful architecture and the lovely porches!

Stately columns and wrought iron are synonymous with Charleston.
                                The fabulous two story porch; notice the fanciful light fixtures.
The subtle shade of salmon invites us to stare.
We installed a similar double hung stained glass window in an old house once.  The colors are intriguing.
The use of the shutters for privacy on the porch is fantastic.
A Romeo and Juliet balcony.  Timeless.
You won't find this in New England.
A dainty shade of pink is rather Bermuda-esque.
Enchanting window trim.
Beautiful window adorned with copper.  Perfect for a Christmas tree.  Charleston style of course.
More gorgeous window trim.
You do know that green is my favorite color right?  Reminiscent of an old paint chip called Dreamy Chiffon.
Twenty-five over twenty-five windows; stunning!
What do you like better?  The blue shop or the green window trim?
A bit contemporary with a Spanish influence.  Elegant.  
We love the pale yellow with creamy trim.  Look at that detail!
And I thought all libraries were public.  A membership is required here.
Thankful for preservation.
We love everything about this building, but especially the odd window out.
Crooked or optical illusion?
Mint green; soothing.

Terra cotta and nine over nine windows make a simplified decoration.
The shutters don't match but we like it that way.
A porch for the whole family.
What's more enchanting, the flower box, the arbor or the dormer?
Stately and a little scary at the same time.  You do know that Charleston is known for it's ghosts; right?
Sometimes the mail slot just doesn't work but the bricks are well-worn.
What don't you love about this photo?
How fun to say "I live in the pink house behind the wall."
An enclosed porch with pretty woodwork.
Porches galore.
My absolute favorite but I'm not sure if it's because of the ceiling color, the light fixtures or the molding.  
Perhaps it's the columns.
Eighteen columns plus five arched windows equals a southern beauty.
I want one of these on my house.  Seriously.
Exudes cuteness.
Corbels and columns and molding, oh my.
Can I have more than one favorite?
Do the neighbors talk about paint colors?
The effects of time. 

Darling, we need the porch square footage.  It's hot here in the summer.
Every piece of this is beautiful.

Just cozy.
Spectacular woodwork.

Charleston style.

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