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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Is it a Cape Cod Fixit Upper or Tear it Downer?

This late 1800's cape calls to me; maybe you too!
Is it worrisome that all landscaping has been cleared from around it?  Does that mean demo?  We certainly hope not.  It's a stone's throw from the water.  Can you smell the salt air?
Try to picture the front door without the storm.  Stripped of paint perhaps or maybe painted a lovely shade of green.  Or blue.  
The barn or garage if you prefer is fabulous!  It's also fairly straight so we'd like to think the beams are intact.
Can't you just imagine walking out the door, hopping on your bike and cycling to town?
We love the vintage wagon wheels!  I have to admit that we have a few in the barn.
The roofline on the house is straight as well.  Ok, so maybe it doesn't tell all but we can only hope this is not torn down.  Blue hydrangeas will look lovely under those windows!  We'll keep you posted.


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