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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Pumpkin Blossoms and Ricotta Cheese; it's simple.

An unusual treat, pumpkin blossoms are lovely!
We never plant pumpkin seeds; they just grow where the wind takes them.  After chopping the pumpkins into pieces in the compost pile, we simply wait. 
 This year was not a draught year so the blossoms were plentiful and they are wonderfully edible!
The blossoms should be rinsed and patted dry.  Of course, we don't use pesticides so they're completely organic.  This isn't advised if you use chemicals in the garden.
I've chosen to stuff the blossoms with ricotta cheese and chives.  Fresh chives are chopped and set aside.
You can find my recipe for fresh ricotta here.
Mix your chopped chives with the ricotta.
Gently stuff the blossoms, but be careful; they tear easily.
Tie with string.
Enjoy.  Serve cold with toast or crackers if you'd like.  Can be an appetizer or a dessert or anything in between.

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