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Thursday, November 28, 2019

An easy place card idea for your holiday table.

I am truly thankful for my family and friends.  This is a nice way to show those that will be sharing a meal with us today that we are thankful for them and it can be done last minute.  Simply print out who you're thankful for (I used card stock but copy paper will work) and choose a meaningful item to glue onto the tag.  All of of us love the beach and are grateful to live near the ocean, so I chose seashells.  You may wish to use acorns, dried flowers, or be creative and use things like old buttons or even golf tees!  If you don't have a printer, nice handwriting will suffice.  Make a hole for the tie and using twine or ribbon, tie it around a napkin.  Makes a pretty table setting.
 Happy Thanksgiving from The Old Granite Step!

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