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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Some repairs and a new door for the old barn.

The old barn has been neglected over

the years.  Buildings like this need to be maintained and sadly, this one wasn't prior to when we bought the property.  Large animals like horses or cows take their toll as do wild animals that may live under the barn. 
I have to admit that I love the sound of a hammer!  So many builders use nail guns these days; it's simply not the same.
On an old structure like this, nothing is square or straight!
We were able to find new siding at the local lumber mill.

The interior beams are pegged with wooden pegs and there are old square head nails too.  The house was built in the mid 1800's.  We are guessing the barn was as well.
The foundation needed a little work and a little cement.
A rotten portion of the floor was removed and replaced.
We love the size of this stepping stone!

The door was built in the back of the pick up so it was easier to move.
Having to use the chop saw was a welcome break from working in the hot sun.

The track for the door was installed.  It's an optical illusion....the track is level; the barn has sagged.
The track will ultimately be boxed in to the keep the snow and ice out.
The rollers for the door are attached.

The door is up! 
All we need is a door handle for easy opening.

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