I've often heard children say, "There's nothing to do today". I beg to differ. I'd like to inspire you to do something. Anything. Read. Bake. Hike. Fish. Plant. Sail. Climb. Play. Reach. Move. Laugh. Dream; and take time to sit with me on The Old Granite Step.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The wreath and the bird's nest.

When I arrived at a friends house last week, I walked to the front door

like I would normally do.  But when I got up to the door I saw this sign.  I didn't know why but followed directions only to find out the answer once I entered.
Her faux forsythia wreath was an invitation to our winged friends to build their home here.  After all, it's sheltered from the rain and early spring snow.  It's hidden from predators and it's stable when the wind blows.
The intricate nest built from sticks and grasses cradles four precious eggs.  Spring at it's best!

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