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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Butterflies and rainy days.

Butterflies are a work of art that can't be replicated.  Each one is
unique in its' own way.  Colors that simply can't be imagined emerge from cocoons that one might call ugly or scary.  A winged creature to behold.
On a day with very heavy rain expected, we ventured out to the Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory, located in Deerfield, Massachusetts.  What an unexpected pleasure!
Last year I posted about butterflies in Montreal.  This is very similar and worthy of a visit.  I have to admit that the heavy rain on the roof made it seem a bit more tropical.
Small children will enjoy the pond as well!
Wonderful contrast.

These butterfly "feeders" are filled with a sugar and water mixture. 

Look at the symmetry on the wings.

This unsuspecting visitor served as a "perch".

A personal favorite.
The Atlas Moth had a sign next to it that said "I am sleeping.  Yes, I am real."
Very unusual translucent wings.
Birds to enjoy as well!

I had to wait quite a while for this gorgeous orange butterfly to land.
Spectacular color.

A bit of camouflage perhaps?

Here is a list of butterfly houses and farms by state.  There is also information on how you can attract butterflies to your own yard.

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