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Monday, May 2, 2016

Wildlife in the garden on a rainy morning.

There was a flurry of activity in the garden.  It's as if the animals knew

that the rain was coming.  The woodchuck lives under the big old barn.  Thankfully, it seems as if they'd rather eat the weeds than the flowers. 
"Chippy" as he is affectionately known in our house is the reason we buy so much birdseed!  The Starling lives several floors up from the woodchuck....in the eaves of the big old barn.
The little angel that we literally "dug up" several houses ago, seems to contemplate why critters use him as a resting place.
 I put this organic packing material in an empty flower pot thinking that the birds may use it for their nests.
 A lovely shade of teal.
 The squirrels certainly do get a lot of exercise!
 This time it's a Sparrow resting on the angel.
 The Gold Finches eat alone as no one else seems to share their taste for thistle seed.
 This little guy has been with us for several years.  Love that cotton tail, Peter!
 Hmmm.....one more for the angel.
 The squirrel discovers the nesting material!
 He struggles to get a mouthful.
 This will make a delightfully comfortable nest for the babies.
 The male Downy Woodpecker finds the suet.
 The young Red Bellied Woodpecker and the sparrow seem agreeable to sharing.
 This time, it's the female Downy that shows up.
The Morning Dove seems to drink from the bird bath more often than any other bird in the garden.
 And of course it wouldn't be Spring without a Robin!
 The male Gold Finch is dressed in his bright yellow for Summer.
 The squirrel comes back!
 It's an interesting way to re-purpose packing material!
A busy morning in the garden indeed!

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