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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Vintage Cottage.

I'm drawn to these vintage cabins or cottages as I prefer.  They're a reminder of our past, one that included road trips and overnights in these tiny versions of home.  One of my favorite reads is "Cottage for Sale, Must Be Moved".  If you've ever driven by one of these small dwellings and thought, "I'd love to have that in my backyard", you need to read this book!  This delightful story of a woman who tried just that may change your mind! 
 These enchanting cottages are in New Brunswick, Canada.

Not too far south, is this small cluster of cabins set perfectly at the edge of a lake in Maine.  Why would you need a fancy hotel?
 All of the tiny rooftops are nestled among the trees.
In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, many wonderful family vacations have been spent at these cabins.

The have wonderful "hobbit" doors!  Charming.

 What wonderful roof lines!
 As we wove our way along a lonely highway in Northern New Hampshire, we came upon this ancient campground; each cottage complete with a stone fireplace!
 Sadly, vandals had removed many of these creative birch nameplate.

 Was the larger version the cookhouse? 
 These cottages were very convenient; you could drive right up to your door.

The outdoor table remains but the chairs are long gone.  A vision of family dining from vacation days gone by.
A trellis for each cabin.  We can only wonder who the gardener was.
 A picture perfect setting. 

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