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Monday, October 19, 2015

Lingering color in the Fall garden.

At the end of last week, I grabbed the camera and took some late in the season garden photos.  The colors were still vibrant; lots of pinks and oranges displayed in the array of flowers.  Little did I know that while I was away over the weekend, everything would fall prey to a frost.  Not only a frost, but snow flurries!  So although it seems too early, my garden is now mostly green and brown. 

Here, for you to enjoy, are the last colorful moments of the fall season!

Although slightly wilted, the yellows shown here made the statement that fall is coming.
I love Cosmos and so do the bees.

Love this!

Such dynamic color!

This particular garden helped dress up the old barn.

Thankfully this geranium sits on the side of the house that didn't get the worst of the frost.  Typically, if you water your geraniums that have been hit by frost, they'll ultimately come back.  I bring mine in for the winter, then set them out again in the spring.
The mums are hardier; they still look nice after the frost.
I love the color of this pansy and it has been in the garden since April!
One of my favorites.
Impatiens are usually the first to go.  This one is now a shriveled up mess.  However, if you still have some in good condition, they'll bloom in a pretty bottle on your windowsill throughout the winter.  Just take a cutting and put it in water.
These dry out nicely if you cut some and bring them in.  Tie them with a ribbon and hang upside down for drying.
Thankfully the birdbath didn't freeze and crack!  It's in the barn now.

A late blooming clematis looks so pretty with the traditional fall colors.

Fall will be back at the end of the week!  We need to make sure we enjoy it because Winter is right around the corner!

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