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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The inspiration behind an easy spooky spider cake creation!

Let me say this right up front….I don’t like spiders! I don’t really know many people who do. I’ve been known to suck them up in the vacuum cleaner only to set it outside until my husband gets home and can dispose of it! That being said, my attitude towards these creepy crawly eight-legged creatures has changed recently. Keep an open mind and read on….

Several years ago, I watched “Charlotte” for many weeks. Of course I’ve named her after E.B. White’s famous character from the all-time classic book Charlotte’s Web. Nothing more than a barnyard decoration, you say? Think again. My Charlotte spun her daily web to measure about two and a half feet long and a foot and a half wide. She did this every day and every day I tried to catch her creating this masterpiece to no avail. Light on? Light off? What did she prefer? She never spun while I was watching. When the wind blew several leaves into her sticky prison they left large gaping holes in the web but the next evening the entire thing was re-spun and I must say, quite beautiful. The innate ability to create something like this amazes me.
According to my research, this legged lady was an Orb Weaver of the family Araneidae. Her common name is Garden Spider, which makes total sense, as that was exactly where she was located. She was very docile, non-aggressive and quite beneficial! She masterfully caught and ate pest type insects. Unfortunately (I can’t really believe I’m saying this), she died at the first frost, but much like E.B. White’s famous friend, her eggs survived the winter and I had hundreds of her tiny children to carry on the legacy!

Charlotte has inspired a seasonal dessert that your family will adore. Now, if only she would write Bon Appetite in her web….
Make any cake of your choice.  I choose chocolate, simply because it's my favorite.  Frost using a white or other light color frosting.
 Beginning with a small circle in the center of the cake, use black icing to draw a circle.
 Keep drawing circles until you reach the outside of the circle. 

Simply draw a knife through the frosting at several different points.  The closer your circles are and the more times you draw your knife through, the more intricate your web will be.

 Dress the cake up as much or as little as you'd like! 

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