I've often heard children say, "There's nothing to do today". I beg to differ. I'd like to inspire you to do something. Anything. Read. Bake. Hike. Fish. Plant. Sail. Climb. Play. Reach. Move. Laugh. Dream; and take time to sit with me on The Old Granite Step.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Most Spectacular Piece of Sea Glass Ever.

It was an absolutely perfect   
summer day in Maine.  We often take our lunch to this spot.  It's quiet and peaceful.  The seagulls soar above and the boats move slowly by.  It's a lovely place to sit and watch the world turn.
I've been hunting for sea glass since I could walk and I have jars and jars of beautifully colored pieces.  Some more tumbled by the ocean than others but all equally important to my collection.
The ocean leaves small masterpieces for us every day.  All we need to do is take the time to stop and look for them.  Each and every moment by the shore is different.
All natural colors, we should appreciate nature's tiny treasures.
I found this petite green morsel first and was perfectly happy with it.  It's a sharp shade of green and naturally tumbled to perfection!
Seaweed offers a different dimension.  A garden in it's own right.
Then this is what I spotted.  At first I thought it was plastic but....
Honestly, when I first turned it over, I thought I was seeing things.  Did someone plant this here for me to find or is it an exquisite gift?  It's glass and quite old!  I've found pieces of pottery before; old plate shards that I imagine came from ships visiting from afar.  But this!  This is the most spectacular gift I've ever found. 

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