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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Charleston Part I - the flower boxes.

The flower boxes in Charleston are

very welcoming!  Since it will be several months before I can even begin to think about planting mine, they are certainly a refreshing sight.
They are all so different!  After seeing the first two I thought this would be a wonderful place to be a container gardener.  So I wonder.....are the homeowners planting their own or are they hired out?
I love the ones that just "fall" out of the boxes.
If I were judging a garden show of boxes, this would be the champion.  I love it!  Not fussy but makes a statement.
Simple but elegant.
The colors of fuchsia and purple look white against the white and black architecture.
Although less colorful, it's beautiful.
Understated but cute.

The use of natural wood (no paint) on the box is unusual here.

I have never thought of putting snapdragons in my boxes but I love the height it lends.
A "wintery" touch.

A lovely cascade of greenery.
Planting a flower box is an art but you don't have to be a professional.  Simply use what you like and it works!

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