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Friday, January 31, 2020

A mid winter walk around Annapolis.

Annapolis is a special

place.  As New Englanders who moved south many years ago, we settled in Annapolis because the architecture reminded us of that in Boston.  It was as close to home as we could get and we never regretted the decision.
We hadn't been back in years and although we witnessed changes outside of the city, the downtown area hasn't really changed. 
Our kids learned how to skate in Dahlgren Hall; no longer the location of the ice rink.  It holds lots of fond memories for us.
 The boat show was always a treat.

 Restaurants and chain stores have come and gone but the hometown feeling is still the same.

 It's refreshing to see so many historic homes undergoing renovation.
 This antique gem could be yours.  Click here for the listing.
 Lovely streets that are great for walking!

 A creative use for oyster shells.

 Always good for coffee!
 Ego Alley.  Fun to watch the boats come in and out in the summer.

 Always one of my favorite buildings.  Would love to have a shop there and live upstairs!

 Pansies in January!  Struggling a bit but still nice to see.

 A nice walk down Main Street.


 An old stand-by.

 Wonderful little shops.

The real reason I love to come back....Cafe Normandie!  The best cream of crab soup on the East Coast and a gorgeous fireplace to enjoy dinner next to.

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